YouPower has been helping businesses save on their electricity bills for the past 25 years. We are now shifting our focus to residential homeowners because the utility company is introducing new Time of Use (TOU) pricing schemes. These new TOU rates significantly increase at night when your solar panels are not collecting energy from the sun to power your home which increases your monthly electricity bill significantly. Our solution to combat these high utility rates, is our Storable Solar Solution Systems which are designed to keep your families lights on without breaking the bank.

To help our customers protect themselves against the rising utility rates, we install our onsite Storable Solar System that utilizes a simple process to gather energy from the sun and convert it into usable energy for your home. First, your rooftop PV panels collect energy from the sun and converts that energy into electricity. Next, that electricity is used to power your home and any excess energy is then transferred to your storage battery. Finally, once the sun goes down, your battery uses that stored electricity to power your home at night protecting you from having to pay those extreme TOU rates at night.

What makes YouPower more than just another solar company, is we design, install, integrate, and remain to measure and monitor your energy storage system. Every month we look at your system and help you effectively manage the use of your stored electricity and inform you of your monthly savings. Our goal is to give our customers a choice of how they can use their electricity instead of being controlled by the monopoly prices set by the utility company. Our Storable Solar Systems are built to last for the long haul and with YouPower your monthly savings will begin almost immediately.

We have decades of experience defending, advocating and succeeding for our customers, and are passionate about giving homeowners a choice of how they want to use their electricity. Our greatest satisfaction is to see you save and to watch you thrive. If you want to learn more on how our Storable Solar Energy System can start reducing your electricity bill visit or call 760.585.7000.