Unbeknownst to most residents living in California, the Utility company has made great efforts to modernize the electrical grid and reduce peak energy consumption. Their solution, Time of Use Rates (ToU) which will dramatically affect the electricity bill for California residents. For those living outside of California your days may be numbered because California is not alone in this endeavor as many states have started to transition to ToU rates. YouPower offers a Storable Solar System that gives our customers a choice of how they will use energy to power their homes and save money in the process.

Imagine going to the movies during the day compared to going at night. It’s the same movie, yet there is quite the difference in ticket prices during the day compared to at night. These new ToU rates operate in the same fashion, where the cost of electricity is based on the time of day it is consumed. During these night time “peak hours” California residents will be forced to pay more for their electricity or find better ways to entertain themselves without electricity, and seeing as we are a very energy dependent society that might be challenging.

California is the first state to adopt this Utility rate structure, other states such as Massachusetts and Tennessee have proposed the idea of ToU rates to residential areas. What many homeowners are unaware of is that ToU rates are already being implemented in quite a few states; however, those are on a volunteer basis. Lucky enough for California residents there is YouPower, which offers an Storable Solar System that gives their customers a choice of they want to use their electricity.

YouPower’s Storable Solar System collects energy from the sun during the day and uses it to help power your home at night. This allows for homeowners to use all the electricity they want even during the peak ToU hours and not be forced to pay the monopoly rates set by the Utility company. These systems are built to last and their primary function is to help reduce the cost of your electricity bill every month. If you are concerned about these new ToU rates give us a call at 760.585.7000 or visit www.myyoupower.com to schedule your free energy storage consultation today.