With technology becoming more prevalent in our lives everyday, homeowners are consuming more electricity to power their devices throughout the day. Thanks to new Time of Use  rates set by the utility companies, many homeowners are shocked each month at how expensive their electricity bill has become. At YouPower, we give our customers a choice of how they can use their electricity thanks to our Storable Solar System which helps protect your electricity bill from the new rates set by the utility companies. Our customers have the ability to decide how they want to power their home and how much that electricity will cost to them.

With Energy consumption at an all-time high, the Utility company has recently introduced new Time of Use rates which base your energy bill by what time your household consumes electricity and at night those rates increase significantly because they are considered “peak hours.” Many homeowners are now having to pay more for their electricity because they are watching their favorite show during family night. Which is why for the past 25 years, we have been working hard to give our customers the choice of how they will power their homes and protecting them from monopoly rates set by the utility companies.

Our Storable Solar System is an onsite energy storage unit that takes excess energy collected by your solar panels during the day and uses that excess energy to power your home at night. This Storable Solar System lets our customers “unplug” from the Utility company and their Time of Use pay schemes. Homeowners can use their own supply of energy to power their homes throughout the night and not have to worry about their electricity bill breaking the bank. Not only do our customers have the choice of how they can power their home but their Storable Solar System helps them save money every month on their electricity bill.

Here at YouPower, we have decades of experience liberating our customers electricity bill from the Time of Use rates set by the Utility company. Nothing gives us more pleasure than giving the power back to the consumer by giving them the choice of how they can consume electricity. If you are tired of paying that expensive electricity bill every month then visit our website at www.myyoupower.com or give us a call at 760.585.7000 to learn more.