For the past 25 years, YouPower has been defending our clients against the utility companies.  And they are at it again; don’t get torched by the T.O.U rate scheme. Night time prices are soaring.  Because of this, solar alone won’t help! Consumers need solar power at night, achieved with a storable solar solution as their line of defense.

Our energy storage systems give our customers protection from the rising monopoly rates set by the utility companies by giving our customers a choice of how they can use their electricity. At YouPower, our greatest satisfaction is to see you save on your electricity bill and we are extremely passionate about protecting our customers from the rising rates.

The most frequent question we get from our customers is “why is my electricity bill so high?”  The reason the cost of their electricity continues to rise is because of a significant change in how retail electricity will be priced moving forward. New Time of Use pay schemes set by the utility companies increase electricity consumption rates based  on what time of day that electricity is consumed.

At YouPower, we liberate homeowners from the monopoly control of the utility through integrated storable energy storage. We are not another solar company, we design, install and integrate a custom rooftop pv around an energy storage system that we tune for your families best defence against the utility company and their T.O.U. pay schemes. This energy storage system stores energy collected from the sun during the day and then uses that energy to power your home at night, allowing our customers to “unplug” from the utility company.

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