Homeowners used to pay their electricity bill every month based on how much electricity they consumed throughout a specific month. That all changed when the utility companies introduced their new Time of Use rates (T.O.U.),  which changes the way homeowners are charged for consuming electricity. These new rates are going to significantly increase electricity bills for many homeowners and their solar panels won’t be enough to save them this time.

These new T.O.U. rates will now base the cost of electricity on the time that it was consumed. At night, those rates increase significantly during “peak hours” and homeowners will be forced to pay more for consuming electricity. Homeowners with solar panels already installed won’t be protected from these new T.O.U. pay schemes because their solar panels are not converting the sun’s energy into electricity at night. Our Storable Solar System is your only defense to help protect your home from the monopoly rates set by the utility company.

These Storable Solar Systems uses your solar panels to power your home and fills your energy storage unit during the day and then uses that energy to power your home at night. This excess power allows our customers to “unplug” from the Utility company and have the choice of how they want to power their home. Storable Solar is a great way for homeowners to protect themselves from the utility company because they are using reusable energy to power their homes. Not only do our customers have the choice of how and when they can “unplug” from the Utility company but they significantly reduce their electricity bill every month

At YouPower, we have over 25 years of experience defending our clients from the Utility company. Our Storable Solar Systems are built to last and we constantly monitor your systems performance and inform you of your savings. To learn how we defend our customers give us a call at 760.585.7000 or visit www.myyoupower.com to schedule your free energy storage consultation today.   

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