Every month we hear stories from homeowners about how expensive their electricity bills are becoming and how they are looking for alternatives to energy consumption. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are not enough to help your home reduce your electricity bill anymore since the utility company introduced their Time of Use pay schemes. At YouPower, our Storable Solar Systems let our customers be protected from the utility company and their monopoly prices for electricity. We know installing new energy systems in your home can be stressful, which is why after calling YouPower we take the time to walk you through step by step of our process to relieve you of your stress or concerns.

Calling us at YouPower to schedule a energy consultation is your first step towards energy independence. During your consultation we sit down with your whole family to discuss and answer all your questions that you may have. We teach you how your new system will work, how much your new system can save you, and how this system will increase in value over time. Before moving forward, we want our customers to know exactly what to expect and be properly informed about what they are signing up for. Once our customers know how our Storable Solar System works, we create a personal energy consumption plan for your household.

Using energy consumption data from your actual energy bill we can create an integrated energy storage system that will provide the best solution available for your family’s protection. We know that every household consumes electricity differently, which is why your system will be designed to your family’s unique energy patterns. After you household’s energy storage system is properly installed and set to your families specific requirements, we are able to inform you how much your Storable Solar System will save you each month.

With YouPower it is as easy as our name, we give you the power over your power prices. After installation we continue to monitor your energy storage systems performance to ensure your energy investment is safe. We have decades of experience, liberating our customers from the monopoly rates set by the utility company and nothing brings us more pleasure than seeing you save. To learn more about our Storable Solar Systems visit www.myyoupower.com or call 760.585.7000 to schedule your Storable Solar consultation today.