When was the last time you opened your Energy Bill and your rates decreased?

Probably Never. 

Rates aren’t getting cheaper, thanks to the Monopoly control of the Utility. 

The Utilities all across California have been allowed to introduce Time of Use Rate structure to residential customers in 2019. The new time of Use Rate scheme penalizes homeowners for energy used between the hours of 4-9PM. 

This means you’re not only charged for how much energy you use, but also when you use it. 

When is enough, enough?

Between the hours of 4 and 9PM, families are being charged 67 cents per kilowatt hour for energy they use. These penalties begin just as you and your family get home from work, and there is NO way around them, unless you want to use candlelight to light your home in the evening. 

You want to get home from work and cook dinner with your family? Penalty. 

You want to unwind with your children and watch your favorite TV show? Penalty. 

This is what the Utility does best, and that’s why we weren’t surprised when the San Diego Union Tribune interviewed someone from the California Public Utility Commission and their response to concerned families was to STOP using their appliances between 4-9PM. 

That’s right, the Utility wants you to leave your lights off or transfer your energy use to a different time of day, and working families who are unable to do this are suffering most. 

That’s why we are here. At YouPower™, we specialize in giving you the control over your energy again.  Our Hybrid Homes™ integrate Battery Storage so you can store your energy and put the Utility in the backseat. Our Team has designed our Batteries to defend you against the  Utility. No more penalties, no more writing checks to the Utility each month. 

 Are you ready to change the way YouPower™ your home?

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