It’s no secret, the Utility just rolled out their newest Time of Use Rate Scheme just in time for Summer, when your AC’s are running and your spending more time in your home. Many families are plagued with excessively high Utility bills, and the rates aren’t getting any cheaper.

The Utility’s new rate structure penalizes you for Power used at night, when a Solar System can’t produce to offset the costs. You’re producing power during low cost periods of the day, and purchasing energy back from the Utility at night, only with a 300% increase from earlier in the day.

That’s right, nighttime rates are nearly THREE times higher, every single day of the year.

When you get home from work, you are forced to pay the power penalty just for turning your lights on.  The Utility’s Response? Don’t use ANY appliances between 4-9 PM.

That’s why we’re here. Were sick of the Monopoly control of the Utility, and we want to give control back to the consumer.

The name Youpower isn’t just a coincidence.

Our Hybrid Home™ solution takes the control from the Utility and gives it back to YOU.

With a Hybrid Home™ you get to STORE your energy, with Battery Storage and use it on YOUR terms.

Our Hybrid Homes™ are designed with the Utility in mind. We design your Hybrid Home Battery System around the Utility’s power penalties and rate structure to give you the most freedom over your energy.

We integrate your battery to discharge during the power penalty periods, and as the Utility’s shifts these times, we can adjust your battery to do the same! No more paying for expensive power penalties. With Battery Storage, the control goes back to YOU!