Are you wondering what a Hybrid Home™ is, and how it can change the way Youpower™ your home?

You’re in the right spot. YouPower™ is not only a leader in energy independence, but we are passionate about our Hybrid Home Solution, so read on to find out why NO home is complete without it. 

In short, a Hybrid Home™ stores excess energy that you generate with a Battery. Our batteries can store energy directly from the grid, or from a renewable energy source, like solar. Energy from the Sun is free, so we like to take advantage of this powerful duo. Solar paired with Battery Storage offers you total energy independence from the Utility!

A Hybrid Home™ Solution can include one battery, or multiple batteries  for maximum energy storage and off grid potential. Our Hybrid Home Batteries use Lithium Ion technology; they charge and discharge just like any rechargeable battery, only on a much larger scale. 

Our Hybrid Homes™ can charge just about anything in your home, depending on how much energy it requires and how much storage you have! We create a system that is best suited to your energy consumption and budget, and we will offset as much of your Utility bill as possible by converting your home into a Hybrid Home™ with Battery Storage!

Here at YouPower™, we do things a tad different. We are NOT a Solar Company, and we NEVER want to be. 

We created our Hybrid Home™ solution with one goal in mind; to liberate as many customers from Monopoly control of the Utility as possible. While solar may help lower your Utility Bills, the Utility is ALWAYS in control of your power, and what they pay you for it. 

Our Focus is Energy Independence, for everyone. 

The Utility’s new Time of Use Rate Scheme has KILLED solo solar, and Battery storage is your only defense against the Utility’s new rate structure. By Storing your energy, you are able to use it on your terms, without purchasing it from the Utility.  Our systems offer maximum energy independence, and that’s the way it should be! 

No more Power Penalties, no more energy bill shock each month when you open your Utility Bill. A Hybrid Home™ solution takes control from the Utility and puts it back in your hands, exactly where it should be. 

Interested in learning more about our Hybrid Home™ solution and how it can free you from the Utility? Us too. 

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