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Battery Storage: Your Key to Liberate from the Utility.

It's no secret, the Utility just rolled out their newest Time of Use Rate Scheme just in time for Summer, when your AC’s are running and your spending more time in your home. Many families are plagued with excessively high Utility bills, and the rates aren’t getting...

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Time of Use: What you need to Know about the Utilities new energy penalty.

That’s why we are here. At YouPower™, we specialize in giving you the control over your energy again.  Our Hybrid Homes™ integrate Battery Storage so you can store your energy and put the Utility in the backseat. Our Team has designed our Batteries to defend you against the  Utility. No more penalties, no more writing checks to the Utility each month. 

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What To Expect After Calling YouPower

Every month we hear stories from homeowners about how expensive their electricity bills are becoming and how they are looking for alternatives to energy consumption. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are not enough to help your home reduce your...

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