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We serve in the areas we’re needed most. Where consumers desire choice. Where electricity prices have become egregious and the monopoly Utility just won’t hear you.


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Buying your home was a choice. It’s your home and you love it. As a homeowner you should have a choice over how your home is powered and what you pay for it.


Homeowners aren’t the only ones being penalized by the monopoly utility’s reaction to the power market being turned on its head by energy storage. If you run a business and need to put a stop to your company’s increasing energy costs, we can help!


While our focus is in California where some of the highest electricity rates in the nation are applied, we have helped energy customers nationwide. Find out how we can help you!

The Right Choice

YOU POWER is the Right Choice. We design, install, and integrate. Then we’re able to stay with you to measure, monitor and report on the progress of your Solar Storage System. We can ensure you’re using your system in the most advantageous way possible by tuning your battery storage to discharge around your family’s usage patterns and the Utility TOU tariffs.

Don’t get torched by the TOU schemes. Contact YOU POWER today!

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Making an Impact Across California and the World

YOU POWER is an ever expanding and vital market vehicle for use by God in the lives of people as they serve and contribute to others.