How It Works

Simple really. Collect energy from the sun. Convert that energy into electricity. Store the electricity.


How It Works

Your rooftop PV panels collect energy from the sun and convert that energy into electricity. That electricity powers your home, and the excess energy that is produced by your rooftop panels during the day, is sent to your energy storage battery. Once the sun sets, your battery discharges your stored solar power to provide electricity for your home at night – preventing you from having to buy peak priced Utility power.

Step One

Schedule an appointment for the design and installation of your YOU POWER Storable Solar Energy System.

Step Two

Your rooftop solar panels convert the suns energy to electricity that powers your home and fills your energy storage battery during the day.

Step Three

Solar energy stored during the day, powers your home at night. Your savings begin immediately! YOU POWER can monitor, measure, and keep you informed of your Storable Solar Power systems progress.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will own the System?

You will. The PPA’s, and Solar Leases that are so common today, are designed to benefit the Solar company, and are rarely in your best interest. YOU POWER’s mission is your liberation from the monopoly Utility control. We believe PPA’ s and Solar Leases leave you in no better position than remaining with the monopoly utility.

What type of Equipment will you install?

YOU POWER has preferred relationships with the nations premier manufacturers of solar panels and battery storage unit’s. Because we don’t, “design, install and depart” as typical solar companies do, we have the most stringent of requirements for our technology suppliers. We’re with you for the long haul!

Who runs the battery Storage System?

YOU POWER is able to manage the charging and discharging of your solar energy storage system remotely, and able to monitor, measure and report progress to you.

Can I unplug from the Utility?

We don’t recommend you do so today. However, if planned rate hikes continue and are enacted, the day is coming soon when it may make sense to disconnect. If that day arrives – you will be more prepared than most to do so.

The Right Choice

YOU POWER is the Right Choice. We design, install, and integrate. Then we’re able to stay with you to measure, monitor and report on the progress of your Solar Storage System. We can ensure you’re using your system in the most advantageous way possible by tuning your battery storage to discharge around your family’s usage patterns and the Utility TOU tariffs.

Don’t get torched by the TOU schemes. Contact YOU POWER today!

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