Making an Impact

YOU POWER is an ever expanding and vital market vehicle for use by God in the lives of people as they serve and contribute to others.


Our Impact

At YOU POWER, Growth and Profitability are the Means – not the End goal. Serving and contributing to others is our aim and our End Goal. Toward that end we support work on high school and college campuses through our association with FCA, Intervarsity, and Cru. Some of our favorite work is with parents and teens through the JH Ranch and Outback ministries. Supporting the work of Hope Leadership Academy, we provide school supplies and tutoring services to children in underserved neighborhoods.YOU POWER even reaches across the world to bring joy to those needing a lift, longing to know God’s love. Kids in Mexico, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Haiti and Thailand are so encouraged when they see our teams arrive. Thank youYOU POWER Customers for all you do to support this work! May we continue to impact and change lives with this unique company!

Financial Freedom

Storable Solar keeps more of your money at home where it belongs.

Restored Control

Storable Solar gives you the choice over How to use your power and What you’ll pay for it.


Storable Solar keeps the lights on and defends against incessant utility rate hikes.

The Right Choice

YOU POWER is the Right Choice. We design, install, and integrate. Then we’re able to stay with you to measure, monitor and report on the progress of your Solar Storage System. We can ensure you’re using your system in the most advantageous way possible by tuning your battery storage to discharge around your family’s usage patterns and the Utility TOU tariffs.

Don’t get torched by the TOU schemes. Contact YOU POWER today!

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