Changing the way youpower™ your home.

YouPower™ liberates homeowners from monopoly control of the Utility.

Hybrid Homes run on batteries, backed up by the Utility

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“Solar Power is Clean, Quiet, and Abundant. What’s not to love? Yet debates rage on over net metering and Time of Use Rate Schemes that penalize solar users by reducing the price of power during the day, when our rooftop solar is producing, and increases electricity prices at night when we are forced to buy from the utility.

Solar Energy Storage is a game changer – revolutionizing the way people use energy. With YOU POWER’s Integrated energy storage system, our customers no longer need to rely on the grid at night. This is where things really get good…”

BRAD DOTSON | President & CEO


YOU POWER can help you defend against Time of Use rate schemes. Let us liberate you from monopoly control of the Utility.

What to Expect

YOU POWER’s consultants use energy consumption data from your actual energy bill to create the best solution available for you.

Making an Impact Across California and the World

YOU POWER is an ever-expanding and vital market vehicle for use by God in the lives of people as they serve and contribute to others.

Energy Leader Since 1994

Our experts have helped customers defend against TOU Rate Schemes and Demand charge Penalties for decades – Uncovering Millions in savings for their customers.


Average Savings Per Year

$150M In Cumulative Savings

Leaders In The Industry

We are who we say we are.
We do what we say we’ll do

2014 –   EP3 Price Risk brand expanded Nationally
2012 –   
Innovative Price Risk Mgmt. – EP3 piloted
2010 –   
Created Self Directed Insurance Strategy
2009 –   
CA Direct Access Index Option Contracts
2000 –   
Pioneered CA Direct access
Protection Product
1996 –   
Innovative Demand Response
Insured Risk Coverage
1994 –   
Early participants –
Key Advocates Direct Access




Brad Dotson

Brad Dotson

President & CEO


Jessica Ortiz

Jessica Ortiz

Director of Finance & Admin


Jennifer Parisi

Jennifer Parisi

Director of Sales


Derek Breuninger

Derek Breuninger

Director of Operations


The Right Choice

YOU POWER is the Right Choice. We design, install, and integrate. Then we’re able to stay with you to measure, monitor and report on the progress of your Solar Storage System. We can ensure you’re using your system in the most advantageous way possible by tuning your battery storage to discharge around your family’s usage patterns and the Utility TOU tariffs.

Don’t get torched by the TOU schemes. Contact YOU POWER today!

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