The California Public Utility Code, allows a corporation or person employing one or more solar energy systems for the generation of electricity for its own use or the use of its tenants, to be exempt from public utility status.
The youpower™ TPX is designed specifically for Individually metered buildings . TPX utilizes a digital solar unit called a Power Division Control System (PDCS). The PDCS purpose is to share a single source of energy generation to multiple, separately connected units, behind the meter, while conforming to all safety and network regulations
$1,200 – $2,100 per unit annually in additional NOI, depending on location and how much of a discount you provide to your tenants.
The PDCS portion of the TPX system contains revenue grade meters that record the exact number kWh consumed by each tenant and the price per kWh. The information is seamlessly incorporated into your monthly invoicing system.
Tenants will continue to pay the utility for any power they consume that is not generated by your solar power system.